MEET & EAT: Breakfast at Mayfair Cafe Westville

My first encounter with the new Mayfair Café in Westville was quite depressing really. Here was a restaurant that had taken the space of the somewhat tired Chez Nous just as the dreaded Covid pandemic shut down all eateries. When I discovered them, they were simply selling take away coffees.

Since then, this exciting little café has come into its own and is worthy of its place alongside its fellow Mayfair Cafes in Durban North and Hillcrest. The food is excellent, the service friendly and, although the ambience is not quite up to the level of its Hillcrest sister with its lovely outside deck, it is more than adequate given its location within a shopping centre environment.

Our review focuses on Mayfair Café as a meeting destination – and given that most of us are suffering from a prolonged zoom meeting hangover, it is certainly pleasant to be able to meet with “real” clients over a good coffee and baked cheesecake or, better still, a tasty breakfast.


Although tucked around the corner in Westville Junction (Westville Road) close to the Westville Post Office (which means that those who are unfamiliar with Westville will need to put a bit of effort into finding it), it is pleasant and right by the entrance to this little centre. You escape the crowded mall feeling which means its quieter and easier to chat. There’s plenty of parking both under cover and right in front of the café, especially around breakfast time. Décor is simple and elegant.


As with its sister cafes, the Westville version has an extensive version of top quality food with plenty of options available for vegetarians and vegans and those looking for gluten and lactose free meals. My sweet corn fritters topped with two poached eggs, bacon, avo and feta and served with a tomato relish was delicious with just the right serving size. The Mayfair Benedict which was served to a connoisseur of this dish who makes a point of ordering it at most venues around the city got a definite thumbs up. In addition to the extensive and more conventional options on the main menu, the specials menu certainly provides plenty of tantalizing breakfasts that include anything from a smashed avo and halloumi stack to Greek scrambled egg. Freshly squeezed juices and a smooth cappuccino are musts.


Our friendly waitress was on the ball and there was no dodging empty plates on table corners. The bill was presented quickly and expertly processed with no awkward waits while slips were printed or card machines were located. Covid protocols are in place and well executed without being intrusive and ruining your experience.


On weekdays, Mayfair Café in Westville is quiet and a great spot to have a chat about all things business. It can get noisy when it is full (even Covid full) over weekends. Tables are laptop friendly and there is free Wi-Fi.