About Us

Out & About is a celebration of all things home grown – from our beautiful people and places to gritty entrepreneurs, inspirational artists and even delicious food. Your business is our business. That’s why we tell the stories of those that motivate and inspire us, explore the venues that excite us and photograph the beauty that surrounds us!

Sadly, the print age is now becoming vintage and, with it, has gone the fine old art of storytelling. Now, we have little bytes of this or that or sensationalist snap shots of a fake reality, all neatly wrapped in cliché and controversy.
Out & About is combining the best of the old with the new and using new technology to tell stories without sacrificing the quality writing and presentation. We are sharing some of our own experiences as well as chatting to genuine folk who might just give you a whole new perspective on how to handle the hum drum so that you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Read our stories, share yours – but, most of all, realise that life can still be beautiful when times are tough – and that there just might be someone out there who can inspire you to believe in a happily ever after.

Shirley le Guern


Shirley le Guern earned all her grey hairs and wrinkles in the newsrooms of newspapers around KZN. With stars in her still idealistic eyes, she completed her journalism degree at Rhodes University before finding her way into the best known baby magazine of the time, Living & Loving. From there, she swapped piggy banks for commercial banks and booties for bottom lines, finding her journalistic passion at Business Report as the KZN Editor. Since then she has seen both sides of the story, alternating between the worlds of business and hard news and public relations. Over the past 30 years, she’s earned the headlines and the bylines and, at last, she’s not only ready to return to the stories that changed her life but is looking forward to writing about the people and places that still could!


Fitness fundi Cindy Bottomley worked ‘9 to 5’ throughout her 20’s and 30’s. But, by the time she found herself ‘eyeball to eyeball’ with the big 40, she knew it was time for a change. It was only when she found herself lying on a gym studio floor, exhausted, ‘glowing’ with sweat and feeling totally exhilarated that she suddenly realised she wanted to do this full time. Cindy hit the books, earning her certification as a personal and group fitness trainer. Never a thoroughbred gym bunny, she set out to help those who were gym shy, giving them the opportunity to train in their own homes. Whole rooms were adapted to work out and nothing was off limits – even coffee tables! Now, knowing that one size never fits all, she’s sharing years of exercise and diet expertise by blogging and chatting to others in the fitness game. For Cindy, wellness is not just about simply losing weight or exercising. Simply put, it’s a state of mind. Good health is the whole package.

Cindy Bottomley
Jean Pierre (JP) Le Roux


Executive chef Jean Pierre (JP) Le Roux unleashes his creativity in the kitchen with a unique brand of culinary alchemy that dishes up colourful and flavourful feasts. JP completed his chef schooling in Cape Town before working at the Ambassador Hotel and other restaurants. He then traded his carving knife for a camera and opened a TV production company in Cape Town. Accounts included the Tiger Brands’ Unite Against Hunger campaign. When JP packed his bags to travel the world, he was poised for a lesson in global gastronomy and he even enjoyed cooking with celebrity chefs such as Ainsley Harriot and George Calomboris of MasterChef fame. He returned home in 2014 to open the Salisbury Café and Bistro in Westville. He was endorsed by WACCS – the World Association of Chefs Societies – in 2004 and the South African Chefs Association in 2011. When poor health and the Covid lockdown forced him to close his beloved restaurant in 2021, he turned his foodie talents and dry sense of humour to blogging. His ethos remains the same – love the food, live the moment – and he’s cooking up some great new ideas and re-invigorating his love for video with a foodie twist.