BOOST your look, BOOST your workout

Roxanne Shepherd of Foxie Fit tells us about her favourite gym wear

As I rapidly approach the 4-year mark of working out consistently and pretty much becoming a whole new person in mind, body and spirit, I feel that I may finally have sufficient confidence to consider myself somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on quality gym wear.


There might be more qualified experts of course, but I can provide real, down-to-earth, honest ‘average-joe’ advice on what I like to wear to feel my aesthetic best while my poor, long-suffering muscles are more than likely feeling their physical worst!

I almost dare you to find a gym wear wardrobe malfunction that I haven’t experienced.


I have been through the embarrassment of thinking I am pulling off the world’s best looking power squat only to find out that my undergarments have magically revealed themselves to the world behind me while I am at my literal lowest! I have suffered through that pesky elastic waistband that uncomfortably digs into any little bit of squish that it can find with every turn of my body and I have annoyingly had to stop every three seconds during a run to readjust my pant legs because they are slipping more and more with every step. And please let us not even address the ‘floating’ inner pads that retailers seem to insist on putting inside sport bras.

Then, like magic, one day, all the stars and planets aligned and my borderline obsessive online shopping addiction finally served a beneficial purpose! I stumbled upon Boost Gymwear.

Buying anything from Boost is not just a purchase, it is an experience!

Not only was I floored by the vast selection of items designed for every taste and body type, but I could choose my own colour combinations as well. SOLD! However, it didn’t end there. After taking a solid week to make the impossible decision on selecting an item to purchase, I received in my inbox a personal thank you email confirming my order and pointing out that it had been noticed that I captured my height as 1.64m (they actually ask, I don’t just volunteer that random fact with all of my online purchases), and would I like to have the pant legs shortened by a few centimetres?

My jaw may as well have hit the floor –as someone with short legs, I had just resigned myself to forever having my pant legs extend halfway over my feet and double as socks.

My excitement levels when I received that pretty pink package announcing my new status as a #boostbabe rivalled that of any child waking up on Christmas morning. The leggings fit absolutely perfectly! The compression fabric held everything in place and didn’t shift uncomfortably while I performed my chosen death-defying stunts for the day. The stitching felt more than secure. I didn’t even have to give potentially ripping a seam a second thought – 100% squat proof!

I had finally found what I didn’t even know I had been looking for. Working out requires enough of your physical and mental effort. You deserve to not have to be worrying about the fit and comfort of your fitness apparel for the entire session as well.

Since that first fateful experience, my wardrobe has amassed approximately 16 Boost Gymwear items. I have also attended a Boost Gymwear fitness event and had the privilege of meeting the brand owner and designer, Anthea Rozen-Zindel, who is quite possibly the most humble, warm and down-to-earth person I have ever come across.

She is all about the Boost brand and providing a world class customised service to every single Boost client – and has been doing so for the past 18 years. There is very little wonder as to why Boost, amongst attaining many other prestigious titles over the years, was the winner of the African Excellence Awards for Best Fitness Apparel Brand in 2021. Boost’s unique outfits have also graced the covers of over 45 Fitness magazines (both national and international) including being the 1st South African fitness apparel brand to be on the cover of an American fitness magazine.

Never has supporting local been easier when you have the option to order world-class, totally customisable fitness apparel right on your doorstep. Your every need is considered with pants rise and length for bottoms and top sizes being customised according to both your back and cup size.

The most thrilling part for me, though, is selecting my personal colour combinations.

I can honestly attest that as a Boost customer you will not only always be spoilt for choice, but you will also always be provided with the kind of warm and personal service that will leave you wanting more.


*Disclaimer: This review is based on the personal experience of the writer and the writer has not been sponsored or compensated by Boost Gymwear*